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About us

About us

Altek Interiors is a small but highly competent company

Specialized in interior design and manufacturing of furniture. It was founded by a graduate of the department of Architecture Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, who worked in a number of furniture manufacturing companies, designing and supervising the manufacture and installation of contemporary furniture with an architectural touch.

Mission and Vision

Altek Interiors aims at providing its clients with contemporary as well as very durable and excellently finished products that fit perfectly into the clients provided space, and to perform the ultimate purpose for which it is built. We design for our client’s specific needs before the production of our customized products. Altek Interiors aims to become one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the world, providing services of optimum quality at the most affordable rates.

Years of Excellence


Altek Interiors specializes in the production of furniture

We use engineered wood (mdf, hdf, Melamime boards, and high gloss mdf/hdf boards), steel, granite slabs, aluminium, and other composites. There are basically two types of furniture: household furniture and office furniture. Altek Interiors specializes in the production of house hold furniture such as beds, wardrobes, fitted kitchens, tv stands, cupboards, hanging shelves, tables and so on. Altek Interiors also specializes in the production of office furniture such as computer tables, executive tables, book shelf, reception desks and counters and so on. Altek Interiors also produces office partitions, wall claddings, interior flush and glazed doors complete with architraves and dampening rubbers, and so on.

Problem and Obstacle

Why we are unique

Cost Efficient Keen on quality and durability Focus on clients' needs

High prices of raw materials and accessories poses a serious problem in terms of the affordability of our products. Hence the company has decided to discount the cost of design in the bill we issue to clients. We are researching into the use of other cost effective materials produced locally in other to produce very durable and contemporary products. In addition, we are also trying to find better ways of increasing productivity through effectively usage of labour and material.

Altek Interiors spends time and resources creating and producing very durable and detailed products, with excellent finishing because we believe that one good job always leads to another. We are committed to delivering our products in the best condition to locations where we don’t have friends whose factory we can easily make use of. We also replace any product damaged in the cause of transportation to site.

Altek Interiors Nig., focuses on the production of contemporary, affordable and durable products for our customers. We always design specifically for our clients’ needs; we don’t mass produce and sale.

In conclusion, Altek Interiors Nigeria Limited., provides a model that combines consumer needs with technology development. We present innovative and flexible products with high quality, useful value and consistent services. The company utilizes data and information gathered from customers to produce high quality products and to meet customer requirements. Partnership between company and their customers exists because they trust each other. This is the model that creates value for the company.

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